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Bensons Driving School Regulations

                                          Policies and Procedures


Thank you for selecting Benson's Driving School. We are committed to providing the best driving education we possible to ensure that your child is safe and keeps other drivers safe on the road. Our classroom goal is to ensure that each student is able to learn in an environment with a minimum amount of distractions in order that they are able to understand all facets of driving and the driving laws of the State of NH. Our behind-the-wheel goal is for the students to drive in many types of driving situations, learn how to adapt to them and become as safe a driver as possible. For questions please contact Jon Benson or the office at 603-244-2198 or e-mail  The following are rules and procedures required by State of NH and Benson's Driving School.


COVID 19 policy

  • Household Contact to someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 in past 14 days.
  • Non-Household close contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COBID-19 in past 14 days
  • Traveled outside NH, VT, ME, or by cruise ship in the past 14 days

Student will have to self-quarantine for 14 days and provide us with a negative COVID test. This may be done by email at , mail to 572 Main St, Fremont NH 03044 or in person before returning to any physical portions of driver's education.

Students with a positive COVID test cannot return to the physical portion or driver's education until 14 days after they receive a negative test.

Contact with COVID 19 is not a waiver not to return to class. DMV laws states that students cannot miss more than 2 classes.

 1. All students must be 15 and 9 months by the first day of class. At 15 ½ students may legally practice driving only in the State of New Hampshire if accompanied by a licensed driver at least 25 years of age who is seated in the front and student must have on their person a copy of their birth certificate. Only a parent or guardian can sign the 40-hour driving log. Students do not have any other restrictions because they are, in effect, driving under the supervising person's license.

 2. Students must pass an eye chart examination (20/40) on the 1st day of class. We will need a photocopy of the student's birth certificate prior to any driving. If on Zoom then the student's will take an eye exam when picking up material

 3. No smoking, swearing or disruptive behavior will be tolerated during driver education instruction.

 4. Prior to taking the state DMV test, students must have completed a 40-hour driving log to record all driving done outside of driver education. At least 10 of these hours must be done at night. This log may be started when the student becomes 15 ½.  We will provide this form on the 1st day of class; this form may also be obtained at any New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicle station. The drive log must be given to DMV when applying for your license, not given to Benson's Driving School.

5. New Hampshire law requires that a student under 18 years old must complete a driver education course consisting of 30 hours of classroom and 10 hours of in vehicle driving and 6 hours of in vehicle observation before they are eligible for a certificate of completion. A student has 6 months after the class ends to complete classroom, driving and observation. If not completed within the 6 months the student must retake the driving course at full cost.

 6. All students must attend the first night of class. Per State of NH law, a student is not allowed to miss more than 4 hours of classroom time. Students must make any missed classes up before receiving their certificate of completion. A signed note from a parent is required before the student may return to class.

 7.Any student missing a class must contact Jon Benson by text at 603-300-8174, for the required make-up procedure. No more than 4 hours total of class may be missed, or student must retake the driver education course.

 8. Students cannot drive with driver's ed. for more than two hours in one week and not more than one hour in a day. DMV is still requiring 6 hours of observation, but student can complete observation with a parent. We will provide a form for parents to fill out and return to us by the final exam. We will be focusing on all aspects of driving and we hope to be able to drive with students under all possible weather and traffic conditions. Experience is the key to becoming a successful driver, so the more you drive with your child the better they will become. We have specific lessons that we teach as the student progresses on the road and we cannot move to the next lesson until they are ready. For example, we are not going to start teaching parallel parking to a student until they can master driving down the road in a straight line. We will be learning to enter and exit highways; we do this by getting on and off the highway several times. Driving on a highway is relatively easy because they are generally flat and straight. We find that the most difficult aspect is entering, so we will be doing this repetitively during those lessons. We will be teaching backing, backing into driveways and turnabouts. We will be doing forward, reverse, angle, and parallel parking next to cars, as well as in empty lots and in town with traffic. We will be driving in both rural and city areas. We are going to drive with the radio on, with students in the backseat, with students talking in the backseat, because that is probably the environment they will be driving under once they get their license and are on their own. We are going to try to drive anywhere and under any circumstances that your child may face while they are driving. We drive in 60-minute increments. The student should be ready for us 15 minutes before the scheduled drive time.  

 9. We temporary cannot pick up students at home for drives times. All drives are meet at the classroom location that the student take the course. Once COVID restrictions are lifted we will pick up at home or school for drives again. Example: If a student takes the class in Barrington all drives will be out of the Barrington classroom location.  

 10. Before student's enter the vehicle for drives the following steps are taken for the safety of the instructor and the student:

    • Take temperature of both student and instructor
    • Ask mandatory COVID questions
    • Sanitize hands
    • Sanitize vehicle while student is present
    • Make sure that both student and instructor have face covering

 11. We have found that students who rely only on the 10 hours provided by a driver education course do not receive sufficient experience to prepare them for driving. It is imperative that the student complete the 40 hours required driving prior to taking the state DMV test. Also, because the student supplies the vehicle to be tested in, it is important that they practice any maneuvers in that vehicle also.

 12. Students will be provided with textbook, DMV driving manual when available and all necessary paperwork. Textbooks must be returned in same condition it was received in or a fee of $75.00 to replace the textbook must be paid before student will receive driver completion certificate.

 13. Students must have a passing grade of 75% to pass the course. Students will be graded as follows:

                       Chapter Tests:              50 % of final grade

                       Final Exam:                 50 % of final grade

 14. Students must have a 75 % average on the chapter tests to take the final. Failure to achieve this will result in the student retaking the course. Students must receive a passing grade of 75 % on the final exam. Those not passing the final may retake the final after 10 days with no additional fee.

 15. All homework assignments and tests must be completed as part of class participation. All homework assignments must be completed as require by the instructor for the student to continue in the course.

 16.While on online classroom students must be focused on classroom learning and be seated in front of the camera for attendance purposes. If a student is not in front of the camera, they will be considered absent. If a student leaves class before the 2 hours or is late coming to the class, they also will be considered absent.

 17. Students will be required to commit to 2 hours of driving time per week. Any scheduled driving time that the student misses without a 24-hour notification will result in a $75.00 per hour rescheduling fee.  Student's names are drawn randomly every Monday for selection of drive times. We understand that students are also busy with work, sports and other activities but driver's ed. is also a commitment. We try to be as flexible as possible. There is no favoritism in drive selection, everyone is equally important to us and random selection allows this.

 18. There will be a fee charged for students that are not picked up when their instructional lesson is complete. The charge will be as follows: 1-15 minutes late pick up $25.00, 16-30 minutes late pick up $50.00, 31-45 minutes late pick up $75.00, 46-60 minutes late pick up $100.00 ect. Instructors have driving commitments after class.

 19. We pride ourselves on a distraction free learning environment. Cell phones are becoming a large distraction. Students are not allowed to use or have cell phones or iPods during any portion of driver education instruction. Cell Phones are collected at the beginning of class and returned at the end of class. Any student found to have a cellphone on them after the start of instruction will be asked to call a parent and leave the class for the day. This counts as a missed class. If this happens again the student will be removed from the program. In the event of any emergency the parent may contact either the classroom instructor or Jon Benson to speak with their child.

 20. Students

a. In possession of weapons of any kind, alcohol, or drugs, internal or external,

b. If a student causes harm or threatens to cause harm to another student or staff member of Benson's Driving School,

c. Any act that jeopardizes the safety of students or staff members, will be removed from the course for any of the reasons above.

21. No refund will be given. We are required by law to report to the local police and the Dept. of Safety the use or possession of any of the above during any portion of driver education instruction.

 22. We have encountered situations where a student has been involved or suspected to have been involved in vaping or juuling. It is not illegal in the state of NH but it is banned in most public high schools. In the interest of all student's health and welfare Benson's Driving School has a zero tolerance for use of these devices. Vaping or juuling will not be permitted! Any student caught using these devices or having in their possession any of these devices or related items, will be removed from Benson's Driving School and will not be allowed to return to our courses in the future. No refund of any payments will be given.  Any student disciplined in school for this will also fall under the same category.

  23.If the student has an IEP or any other type of learning disability it may be beneficial to share that with us so that we can address and accommodate for that. All information shared with us is strictly confidential. Any student with an IEP must submit the topo portion of that IEP or 504 to the classroom instructor by the 3rd class or we will not be able to adapt any testing as possible. You may also email/test the instructor or private chat through Zoom.

 24.Students will not receive a certificate of completion if any of the following apply:

a. Not paid in full

b. No textbook returned

c. Incomplete homework or class assignments

d. Failing grade on chapter tests or final written exam

e. If a certificate is lost, misplaced, or any changes have to be made after the last day of class a $25 fee will be charged to replace it. Please be sure to check your certificate before leaving class after the final.

25. All deposits are non-refundable. No refund of tuition will be given after the class has started.  

26. Any payments not received prior to 14 days before the end of class must be paid in cash or money order or students must wait until the check clears before they will receive their certificate of completion. Any returned check will incur a fee of $ 30.00. Any student with an outstanding balance due will not be allowed to schedule driving until balance is paid in full.

 27. All necessary forms for licensing will be supplied on the last day of class. Students must have the following when they go to the New Hampshire DMV for their driving test:

 28.  Birth certificate with the raised seal

a.      Actual social security card or a passport

b.      Proof of residence (current school ID or parent who lives at the same address)

c.       hour log sheet

d. $ 50.00 License fee

e. Legally inspected vehicle

f. Parental permission form for a license signed by a parent or guardian if under the age of 18 (a parent does not have to be present)

g. Driver's license application

 29. State of NH driver license testing occurs in the following order:

a. Eye Test----must pass reading 20/40

b.Written Test----40 questions multiple choice questions with a 20-minute time limit

c. Road Test----test is done as a point system with points being deducted for various driver errors

 30. Anyone failing the DMV written test may retake that in 10 days. Anyone failing the road test may have to wait anywhere from 10 days to 1 year, depending on the reason for failure. Three (3) fails on the road test will result in the applicant not being able to practice driving for one year or having to retake driver education.

 31. Once your student gets their license there are restrictions for anyone holding a Youth Operator License:

a. No driving between 1 am and 4 am until the age of 18

b. No more than 1 non-relative in the car for the first six months unless accompanied by a responsible adult who is 25 yrs of age or older that holds a valid license

Parents have the right to revoke the license of any child under the age of 18 for any reason. This revocation acts the same as if the court revoked it. Your child will have to pay the state a fee to get their license reinstated.

These rules are set forth so that everyone will have a complete understanding of our program. We are concerned with the student's well being, as well as a positive learning experience for all. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school to address the issue. Please sign the bottom and return no later than the second night of class.

(Please return entire copy DO NOT TEAR)


I have read all of the attached forms regarding the program at Benson's Driving School. I understand and agree to all terms stated and would like my son/daughter to participate.

We understand and agree to the Payment Plan structure, as well as the disciplinary codes that are strictly enforced. Please return this entire policy not just the signature page.


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